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Christina Hedegaard, 30 years, living in Copenhagen

My work & ambitions

I’m currently working at an NGO called Grænseforeninge, which is a Public awareness organization promoting and supporting danishness in the border country between Germany and Denmark. Where I mostly work on our cultural ambassador project, which is group of young people with hyphenated identity, such as Danish-German or Danish-Iranian, who through dialogue meetings, try to educate others about living with more than one culture and through that shining light on prejudices and hopefully showing that living together in unity and seeing cultural differences as a strength will be more beneficial for us all. This is a cause that is very close to my heart and I feel very lucky to work with something that I believe in.

My professional ambition is to do something that makes me happy - I have not completely decided on what that is, but creating and designing are definitely part of it. Being able to balance it with having a family is also very important to me. And since I’ve just turned thirty I feel the broodiness is creeping up on me and grabbing a firm hold - My boyfriend can get absorbed by playing Hearthstone and I am completely out of reach if I see a drooling tiny human.

Beliefs & inspiration

I believe that we all have a horizon of understanding and that you have to do iteration throughout your whole life – you have to keep evolving and learning to push that horizon further. Working on my own mind is a constant struggle that I’ve realized will be a constant task until the end of my time. Expressing myself creatively is a necessity for me – without it my mind gets restless. This has led to many different interests and to me pursuing becoming a multimedia designer.

I find most of my inspiration in nature or through contrasts – If you come by my apartment, you’ll see that I’m not joking about my love of nature – right now I have 39 plants in my two-room apartment! Yes, I’m a member of the CPL anonymous, which, if you didn’t know, is a lot like the AA only we are not alcoholics but crazy plant ladies.

What I do when I'm not trying to be awesome

To keep my sanity, I try to do yoga as much as possible. Yoga really helps my mind heal and my crazy overthinking brain from running wild. And as an added bonus I have now joined the “Im-one-with-nature-and-only-drink-almondmilk-handpressed-by-an-old-bolivian-feminist” club – which I definitely do not belong to, but I love it because it’s so much fun to see my mom’s face when I go too hippie on her.

When I’m done going all in on the flower child facet of myself, I still love all the girly and materialistic things that the world has to offer. This is very evident in my home, where I love moving things around a few times a week. Thankfully I have a very patient boyfriend who doesn’t complain too much when I’ve moved his magic cards to another place for the 30th time. Only that one time where he thought I’d lost the folder with all of his favorite cards.